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Always a Light On For Us

PSALM 119:105; "The Lord is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path".

We believe the Lord is light and love. He is our lamp. He covers us with light, right from our heads to our feet. Our guide. We will be able to see where we are going without guesswork. We can always depend on Him to be gentle & wise with our emotions. That is the simplicity of the Gospel.

One night while sound asleep, I heard a loud crash that had me out of bed in a flash! The good thing was that I knew my way around. My house was totally in darkness. I needed some lights to find out what happened. I stumbled my way to the light switch. I usually leave a nightlight on. However, this night I hadn't, so I wasn't sure about what had happened. My treasured vase from my Mom's collection had fallen and shattered into many pieces. It couldn't be put back to its original beauty. This time I asked the question:

"What would Mom do?"

I've already written about this in 101 PROMISES, but it still comes back to me often. It comes down to our Mother's heart of gold. She would never have discarded it. She would have picked it up, worked with it until it was perfect with its imperfections. It would continue, scars & chips worked into a beautiful creation. She treated her family & friends the same way. She never focused on their faults or judged them. She always tried to do what Jesus would have done and every day her heart, her energy was to be more like Him. She never left us without a light on through the night, especially if we were out.

When we allow the Lord to turn the light on us, He works with our broken pieces. He patiently smooths the jagged edges around our hearts, and we are beautiful in His sight. The thought to sweep our broken pieces into the trash would never enter His mind. Instead, He begins our healing process, one piece at a time. Hope replaces despair, and His light is our PROMISE of a future. His guiding steps help our faith & trust grow stronger day by day. The chips from our broken pieces may still be there, but only as reminders of our experiences and trials we have fought and overcome. We will never be scattered broken pieces lying around in the dark or left as orphans. We have a Father. That is a PROMISE. The light of His love will shine upon us 24/7. We'll never be lost on the road even the less travelled, will have a meaning and a purpose. The road will never be so dark that we lose our direction. ***

Excerpt from the book "101 Roads" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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