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Blessings Come in All Shapes & Seasons

Blessings have a way of coming when we don’t expect them. Living out here in this Lakeside community where I am able to walk in all seasons, I’ve really come to appreciate the beauty in all of them.

I began my very first book on January 1st. When I looked outside, (I’m not exaggerating, as those of you who live in the Manitoba Interlake will know), we can be more than knee-deep in snow.

January quickly became my favorite winter month. The days were dazzling bright as I walked, and everything looked brilliant and ‘picture perfect’ after a hefty snowfall. Sagging old wire fences, rusted out wagons, twisted trees, old chairs, branches... all took on a Hollywood movie-type setting.

“It’s A Marshmallow World In The Winter!” The words to that beautiful old song are perfect descriptors.

Sometimes our storms last for nights and days, but it is warm inside and while I’m tucked safely indoors looking out, I am reminded of all the animals in their hibernation state.

Everyone is waiting for the winter to pass so we can “SPRING forward”, and although it seems long, it always comes. From the night we set our clocks an hour ahead, it seems that from then on everything steps up a notch. There are new signs of spring everywhere, as every living thing begins to stir. Although, since the weather can still be so unpredictable, we have a different outlook because if more snow comes, we know it’s not gonna last very long, and the days get a bit longer each day, which is so encouraging.

One of my happiest blessings that never wears out is the long-awaited return of our Canada geese.

There is something hauntingly unique & welcoming about the sound of them, making their grand entrance into our surroundings once more.

Summer graciously arrives bringing with it the season of growth and lush, beautiful colors. Long sunshiny days along with the wonderful sounds and smells of summer rain that refresh the hot and thirsty Earth. The grand finale that comes after the rain is the promised rainbow that never fails. Long starry nights alive with dancing lights and stars, make our hot summer nights on the prairie just as spectacular as the dazzling snow from January.

Summer holds memories of lots of family gatherings, laughter, and sometimes tears, depending on the circumstances - but it all comes together full-circle for our family in the summertime, more than in any other season.

Before we know it, time has flown by and autumn arrives - but that also is an artist’s & photographer’s delight for me! The colors are nothing less than spectacular, but alas - the days grow shorter, and before we know it the V-formations of geese prepare for their journey south, as they leave us once again. The leaves fall everywhere and cover the Earth, while the little outdoor creatures scurry & gather their provisions for their winter nests, also getting ready for hibernation.

Everything has its time and season, and the Master has it all in order. To Him there are no surprises. As life around us slows down and becomes quieter, even in our little town, we are also changing with the seasons. Company might be a bit less, and some are preparing to go away for the winter months.

Through each of these seasons, we all have many trials and tribulations in our own personal lives, but we also have blessings that keep us going and holding onto our faith.

Even this morning as I walked around my yard, there are bare patches of green coming through and it blessed me because I can see that the Earth is coming alive and is eager to start this new season.

Let’s all try to remember to count our blessings in whichever shape or form they may come. They are not bound to only one season, but rather to 365 days of the year.

Thank you for reading, and remember to look back on today or yesterday and refresh your heart with the blessings that took place. Even if it is a small thing, let’s count it and rejoice in it because today is a new day.

Blessings, Marlane.

Excerpted from the book "101 Blessings" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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