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I Love a Rainy Night

I woke up through the night to my favorite sound… The sound of a summer rain.

It’s easy for me to believe that I am far from being the only one who feels like this, because I’ve discovered that out here in this Lakeside community, rainy nights are popular.

Over the years I’ve been amazed to discover how many songs have been written about rain, and I can hear one in my head as I’m typing. The title is: “I Love a Rainy Night”. Many of you from my generation will remember the words as soon as you hear the title.

I know for sure that the songwriter knew firsthand about loving rainy nights just by the words he used. It goes something like this (and I’m not quoting exactly):

I love a rainy night, it’s such a beautiful site.

I love to feel the rain on my face, taste the rain on my lips.

Showers wash all my cares away and then I wake up to a sunny day!

It’s wonderful to wake up & step outdoors after a rainy night.

The air, the colors, and the warmth of morning sun on my face inspire new joy in my soul. All the leaves on my trees glisten & shimmer as though spray-painted with silver and glorious gold.

The words of the song continue & confirm my own feelings:

I love a rainy night. It puts a song in this heart of mine

and a smile on my face every time!

I recently listened to a video about our gift of rain.

In the beginning…It was God who held back the rain and protected Noah and his family and animals until he had time to build & finish the ark.

God forewarned Noah that He would hold back the rain for seven more days

and then He would cause it to rain upon the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights.

Then He gave His PROMISE (with the rainbow as a symbol of that promise) to Noah and to mankind that He would never again flood the entire Earth.

Walking after the rain is a spiritual experience for me. I breathe in the air and I feel that sense of wonder every time.

I’m not just writing poetic words here, I really mean what I say about the wonders and the blessings and the creativity, and about how this world is put together.

That beautiful rainbow is the fulfilment of the promise that is revealed as we look at it after every rainfall.

Summer rainbows across the prairie sky are a blessing to everyone who stops to marvel at them for the short time that they last.

They do appear and never fail, and that is exactly what God has promised about His Son’s presence in our lives.

- Marlane.

Excerpted from the book "101 Promises" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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