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Lessons for Life through Childhood Faith

Now that I am quite a bit older (no details), I’ve come to a fuller understanding of why the Lord says we should come to Him with the faith of a child. Children are naturally curious and seek answers to everything. Have you ever tried to avoid explaining an awkward question? Not easy, is it? It’s like the remote is stuck on: “But why?”

I find I still ask that quite often. Children, though, have a uniqueness that we as adults often lose. It’s the way children trust and accept things. Every day they look at their surroundings with that sense of wonder as though seeing them for the first time. We can rekindle that ourselves, and it will continue to teach us for the rest of our days!

For instance, children love a summer rain! I’ve watched them splashing through puddles and I’ve even joined them! If the puddles are deep, we know they’ll keep on walking until they are as close to the top of their rain boots as possible. This is still in my memory because I did it all the time as a child, and actually I did it several times last spring! I had the snazziest pair of rain boots ever!

I also remember it was usually that last step that was too deep for the boots we were wearing!

Just give yourself a moment to reflect on your own childhood and the things you loved about summer and winter. In summer, did you test the deepest puddles to see how far you could really go? Of course you did! How often did you race your friend through puddles riding your bike with your legs stretched out in front of you? Then there was winter, where you could climb the highest snowbank and get a boot-full of snow just for that five-second ride down. Then, you would get up and do it all over again with the same amount of energy.

Weren’t those adventures an exceptionally great feeling of freedom we enjoyed? However, we did have to grow up and put some of those childish things aside. That said, we could hold onto our wonderful memories or write them down in a journal to reflect on when we had a few quiet moments from our busy day or evening.

One thing I have learned about life is that it is always changing. We go through situations that can feel overwhelming and we can be swamped with home responsibilities, financial stress, health issues, and chores. Thankfully, we can draw strength from our Lord and believe that it isn’t always going to stay like this.

The main thing for me is that no matter what is going on, I cannot think of giving up on my faith. There are parts of my childhood faith that I don’t want to let go of either. I still remember how refreshing that summer rain could be when I was wilting and thirsty. The Lord showers me and I find refreshment for my spirit, and rest from the grief in my soul. Eventually the healing process begins and I find victory over those burdens that were weighing heavily on my heart. He has promised to set our spirits free, and mend our broken wings, so that we may learn to fly again.

Spring is on its way. It always follows and replaces the long cold winters, and when you see that life-giving spring shower, try something different. Allow your childhood curiosity to soar! Grab your umbrella and your boots and test out some puddles. Feel that fresh rain on your face. It will lift your spirits, because we will never know how far we can go, or what heights we can reach, until we attempt to fly again.

Set your spirit free and let it guide you. If you want to hear the truth, it is usually right there inside of you. It will tell you what you need to hear if you are silently listening. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it will show you what you need to know.

if you step in too far and the water is higher than your boots, well that's an easy fix. Set the boots out to dry when the sun returns and the clouds have rolled away as they always do, and your doubts will evaporate with it.

Not so long ago while out for lunch with my daughter and her friends, somehow we got onto the subject of playing outside in the rain and getting water inside our boots. One of the ladies said, “I used to get into so much trouble and was grounded so many times for coming home wet and muddy, and letting the water get inside my boots.” My daughter’s response was this: “Really? My mom used to dress us up and say go outside and have some fun and sometimes she would join us. Those were the best times ever!”

I was amazed that my children even remembered those times from their childhood. As the years rolled past, I found out how the Lord brought me not only through puddles of summer rain but through torrential storms, and we came through them together to the sunshine on the other side.

So hang on, the storm always passes. One of my mom’s favorite sayings was this one: "April showers bring May flowers". Remember, no matter what our age or level of faith, we are still children to our Heavenly Father. I learned as a child that the sun always follows the storm, and it still does to this very day, and always will.

Blessings, Marlane.

Excerpted from the book "101 Promises" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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