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Look for that Silver Lining

Here is a message that I hope will inspire and encourage you, Dear Readers, every morning, every day of the year.

For those who have been patiently waiting on an answer to prayer, this could be the very day. His mercies are new every morning, so try not to feel let down or disappointed if it hasn’t happened yet. Rejoice in this brand new day and be glad in it with the Lord.

I love the promise of the words “silver linings”. There is an age-old saying about every cloud having one. Songs have been written about them, but what does it really mean?

The way I understand it, we still have to go through the cloud to gain the silver, right?

In the same way marathons or any sort of competitions are entered, they hold the hope of achieving the silver or gold medal at the end.

I think about the work, the discipline, and the grueling hours of training competitors go through to achieve their prize.

They will not get it any other way.

There is no quick hop to the finish line. It takes commitment and faith.

In order to get through the cloud to the silver, we have to go through the journey one step at a time using all the faith and courage we can muster, and eventually we will arrive at that silver lining.

However, that happens only after we have worked our way through the dark cloud.

This is where we really need to rely on the Lord. His promise to us is that if we wait on Him, we will mount up with wings of eagles. We will have the endurance to run and not grow weary.

No doubt we will be tested along the way. The cloud formations may appear dark and heavy and threatening over our heads. However, the word tells us not to look to the left or to the right, but to keep on going forward. Rest if we must, but do not quit.

Always remember the courage of the eagle. It doesn’t give up during a storm or hide from it. The eagle uses its courage, takes flight, and flies above the storm or through it.

I looked up the word "silver", and it is a metal that only becomes silver after it has been refined. That means it has to go through a process of work. You just don’t walk over and pick up a lump of silver and it’s perfect.

In the same way, we cannot win a silver medal without the hard work, the dedication, and the desire to work it through to the finish line.

Then I looked up the word "refined". It means to have gone through a process of intense heat, cleansing, and polishing. Then and only then, is the metal worthy of the name “silver”.

When we look up and see clouds, especially dark, impending clouds that threaten to spill out rain or hail upon our heads, that is usually a sign for us to take cover somewhere.

When the Lord tells us to mount up with the wings of eagles, to me that means we can rise above the clouds, above the storms of life and soar to the highest heights. We have to keep on going, look through the darkness ahead of us, and know that the victory prize is within reach.

We are never alone. He sends us, brothers and sisters who offer fellowship, prayers and understanding. We are all family in His eyes.

He also promises to never give us more than we can handle. He says that our burdens will be light when we walk in the strength of His daily love, and believe that His mercies are new every morning.

These are His PROMISES and His BLESSINGS. We have earned them by working through the storms and overcoming the clouds on our journey of life, towards that beautiful silver lining.

Hold fast onto your faith, Dear Readers. Lean on someone you trust when you need to, and do the same for others when they need it.

Together we will make it, because we can still always count on the sunrise each morning, and that beautiful rainbow once the storm clouds have rolled away, leaving a perfect sky.

Blessings, Marlane.


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