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Messages in the Sand

Quite often I walk along my favourite beaches. I usually pick the quiet times to do that. Very early in the morning when the sun is rising or later in the evening just before twilight. Quite often I write little messages for my loved ones and draw a heart around the edges of them.

It always blesses me to see what people write in the sand. I think they like being anonymous. Some of them are so moving. I remember stopping in front of a great big heart-shaped message that I found one morning, and it was a family of footprints, different sized feet, including dog prints. That really touched me as much as their message which read: ‘Our Family Is Precious to Us’. I immediately felt the love and unity and I walked away feeling that they had enjoyed being together.

My messages are usually about how much I miss my loved ones and love them forever. But I’ve come back to find added notes on pieces of paper, held in place with a stone or sad faces with teardrops drawn. Once there were praying hands, beautifully outlined. These small blessings are huge in restoring my faith in humanity when I need it sometimes. It’s easy to become discouraged when people let us down or the trust has gone through something that happened that disappointed us.

When a stranger leaves a heartfelt message like that to another stranger, it’s very touching. It’s easy on Facebook to hit the little emoji with the thumbs up if you like something, but this message in the sand took time and thought. Perhaps they didn’t know if I would even see it again, but I did. So did others and added tiny hearts to it. How wonderful is that? What a beautiful blessing.

I made another heart with a smiley face beside it, and wrote ‘Thank You’. I hope they did come back before that message got swept out to the lake. I cannot give up my belief that people in general are wonderful and kindhearted. Many of them mean to do well but life may have knocked them around a bit and perhaps hardened their hearts.

I don’t know who wrote those messages and I don’t need to know. The Lord knows they did a kind deed and He won’t forget.

As soon as the beach opens in spring, I always do my usual sand greeting: “Welcome To The Beach!” Or…”Have a Happy Weekend!” I hope they feel welcomed in town.

Let’s remember to show a little bits of kindness to others whenever we can. And always remember the Lord tells us that no kind deed goes unnoticed. No matter how small it may be to us, in His eyes, it is valuable.

Wishing you a beautiful blessing today. As we are coming to the end of February, already the second month of the new year, we can start looking forward to more of those beautiful summer days ahead.

I know I am counting on many happy walks along the beach, this spring and summer.

Blessings Everyone,


Excerpted from the book "101 Roads" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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