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The Blessings of Christmas Past

No. I am not about to write about Scrooge's classic of: 'A Christmas Carol'.

I have BLESSINGS I carry in my heart of our own family Christmas's past that hopefully will always be on the pages of my mind.

Between visits during the holiday season, I like to spend quiet time.

I think we (myself included) can often get so involved that our time becomes a whirlwind of activity.

That is all part of it, and I am usually decorating after November 11th, Remembrance Day, but this year I seemed to require more of the 'quiet' than the 'whirl'.

I was at a place of being caught between: work, retire and write. I still kind of want all three.

For close to two years I've been working on a light romance trilogy. Then I started my blog copy of my memoirs as a way of 'testing' the waters for feedback, and this collection of BLESSINGS, which were mostly private.

Remember, I hadn't received my revelation about how to put them together... AND... publish!

That came as my New Year's celebration!

I never get past the longing of going back for one more 'Old fashioned Christmas'. I'd love to walk down our 'Spruce Tree Lane' in the moonlight on Christmas Eve, hear the wind whispering through their snowy boughs.

I vision myself standing outside the window of our rambling old house and listening to echoes of family, music playing, the crackling fire and all the warmth, inside.

We seemed safe from troubles around the world, although we cared. My Mother and grandmothers knit socks, mitts, blankets & clothing and sent whatever they could to missions through our church.

Those years went quickly when I think about it now and I almost wonder if someone hit the 'fast forward' button.

Each year I haul out the old black & white photo albums and I'm reminded anew of how much we had, although by today's standards, we were quite poor.

I understand why my Mother went through her cards from year to year. They were her BLESSINGS of Christmas's past, as these photos are to me now.

This isn't a book about fictional characters.

These are parts of our heritage.

Although it's in the past, writing about them, sharing the memories, carries these wonderful, happy BLESSINGS forward***

Excerpt from the book "101 Blessings" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.

As we Celebrate the Birth of Jesus - I pray, Dear Readers for a Wonderful Christmas.

May you have Many Blessings and Memories to Cherish & Carry Forward. - Marlane.


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