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Welcome the Morning

For a good part of my life, I was not a morning person. That never has been a secret, and I used to ask the same foolish question:

“Why do mornings have to be so early?”

Looking back, it sounds ridiculous because I have come to love my mornings. I appreciate the fresh air, the stillness, and the beauty found only in morning colors. When I step outside, the artistic side of me clicks in. It’s as though I am looking at a fresh new canvas! Bold, bright, and filled with the possibility that anything can be possible if you fill it with color & faith. If you are enjoying these few moments early in your day, or even reflecting late at night, and your home is quiet, thank Him for your restful night ahead and pray for another, and look forward to the morning no matter what may come.

He tells us that He will keep us in perfect peace if our minds are stayed on Him. That is true. I have experienced this for years and years.

On the other hand, if it was a restless, or tearful and frightful night, then thank Him because it is over and He has brought you through it. I have had many of these kinds of nights as well that seemed endless, and made me so thankful to see daybreak.

‘Tears last for the night, but joy cometh in the morning’. Hearing the birds calling the Earth to wake up from its sleep just before the sun appears on the horizon, was sweet music to my ears during those frightful nights.

I did a bit of research on the word ‘morning’. Morning originates from Hebrew, and it means: ‘To Bless’.

Just as the ancient people felt blessed after their long dark nights, I also felt the blessings of my new morning. This reminded me that there is nothing new under the sun, because there are nights, and each of my nights brought the same emotions.

Mornings seem identical in many ways but really they aren’t the same at all. Yes, each one is a miracle and each one is brand new. However, to God every morning or night is the same because He is the same yesterday, today, and for every morning yet to come. He is already waiting to hear our plans and is waiting for us to tune in to His voice. He knows what He is doing and He will walk with us today wherever we go. That is a promise we can count on.

The Lord set forth His day by praying early in the morning.

David in Psalm 63:1 gave his prayers to God early in the morning.

Joshua, Moses and Abraham were morning prayer warriors.

By praying early in the morning, we set the day clearly by giving our requests, our first fruits and our thanks ahead of time, before our minds become cluttered with so many tasks that need to get done, in many cases in almost impossible timeframes.

Every day is another opportunity for learning, which we will do as long as we are on this earth. We never remain in one place. We either move forward or back, and we should never be embarrassed by not knowing an answer or stopping to ask questions.

Imagine! It took all these years for me to change my ‘attitude to one of gratitude' about mornings.

Let’s try our best to have a good day today. Let’s rejoice in its simple pleasures hour by hour. This day has been given to you and to me because His faithfulness is great and His mercies, along with the promise that arrives each new day is for every one of us.

Psalm: 121:6 promises that the sun will not smite us by day, nor the moon by night.

These are words for us to live by when we keep our minds set on giving the Lord our day. If trouble has entered your day, or you’ve been sadly disappointed over someone or something, the promise is that the Lord will be our rock of salvation that we can stand on. We do not have to worry about shifting sand. Count on Him today to rescue you from the scorching heat or the hurts that need divine healing.

If we have slipped, He is willing to set our feet back upon the rock. He never needs a memo to give us the refreshing life-giving water of His word to revive us. Trust in your faith and believe the Lord has given you the wisdom you will need for today. He will be like that gentle summer rain falling from heaven to the earth over his thirsty people and will help them.

I pray that whatever your situation this morning He will give you the encouragement you need to keep walking forward.

When we stop and think about the requirements the Lord asks of us, they are simply this: that we have the faith of a mustard seed which is smaller than all the other seeds upon the soil. But the Lord knows that our faith will grow like the mustard seed. It becomes larger than other plants and its branches, so huge that birds can rest under its shade.

Blessings, Dear Readers, Marlane.

Excerpted from the book "101 Promises" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.

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