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When The Lord Asks Us to Use Our Gift of Hospitality

Some days I think I am a hopeless cause. And those are usually the days, He will call on me to be hospitable. He will start by reminding me that I am loved and how He knows every hair on my head, on those I love, even my pets. And then He will put me to work.

'Use my gift of hospitality'.

And here's MY reaction:

"Today? Look at this place... I have been writing half the night. I'm still in pyjamas! There's a family member camped out in the living room, with his dog!"

My home is small and since I've moved I haven't downsized accordingly & it always looks 'well lived in'. Everyone else loves it, so why do I worry?

I know I am making excuses by allowing these circumstances & my pride, get in the way of who I am supposed to be.

Hospitable. I have often been told over many years that my true gift was hospitality.

But that couldn't have meant... today?

The only one who cares that there are dishes in my sink, is me. Okay, I get it.

My part pf hospitality is keeping myself available to listen & share.

Sure enough, the phone rings.

"Put the coffee on, I'm bringing cupcakes!"

My first response: "My house is a mess, I've been writing nonstop."

"Great! Can't wait to read it!"

I dash to get dressed & at least put out fresh towels.

The Lord tells us to share our burdens, one to another & where two or more are gathered, He is there.

This visit must be important.

I cannot refuse. What if the Lord chose to send angels to my door or decided to visit Himself? He did it to Martha and Mary.

In the Gospel of Luke, there were two sisters, Martha & Mary. Jesus & His Disciples were passing through their village sharing the message of Salvation.

Martha opened the door and Mary immediately left her chores and sat at the Lord's feet & listened to the Salvation message.

Martha became so distracted by the preparations she thought should have been done that she came to Jesus and complained about having to do it all herself.

"Martha,' said the Lord. "You are worried about things that don't matter, for they will pass. Only one thing that matters is here today. Your sister, Mary, has chosen what is best and it will never be taken away from her.

I cleared the table, picked some fresh flowers and put the coffee on.

I am getting double BLESSINGS! A visitor... AND cupcakes!

- Excerpt from "101 Blessings" by Marlane Lillian Mazur.


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